Our purpose is to disrupt status quo; we're here to shake up the modern world and create more mindful, awake, and conscious humans!


    We focus on MOMENTS of great change that push your life or company forward to help you make massive progress!


    Simply, we do the following:

    1. COACHING SERVICES: We provide coaching using our DisrUPt Now ethos for individuals, and within companies that desire to integrate a mindfulness program. See more about the Disrupt Now Program.
    2. BUSINESS SERVICES: We dig deep to understand your business goals and then partner you with the right people and services of our coalition. We work with businesses that enrich human's lives in their own unique way! We provide monthly managed services that are wrapped around strategy and tactical work within our niche services in sales & marketing, as well as operational excellence.

    Explore more about what we do.


    Knowing the true purpose of why a business exists, or why as a human we are here on this planet, enables progress to happen in profound ways.


    Our coalition is a tribe of changeologists. A changeologist is a natural disruptor, though the formal term is someone "who enables change." For some history, the word was initially brought to life in the book "Changeology" written by psychologist John C. Norcross, Ph.D.


    "Changeology is to define, adhere to, and manifest your goals and resolutions."
    Check out his book here.








    We are hired in any format easiest for our clients. We bring the right people in our coalition into the project as it's solely based on your unique goals, needs, the budget at-hand, and what will add the most value. Our projects are fixed price, hourly rates, or blended rates and we act as "contracted employees" or we set up the normal independent contractor agreement.


    Natalie Viglione

    Founder & President CLC, CPC, CBC

    AKA: Consulting Yogi


    Natalie is a creative visionary that brings 17 years of corporate experience (from work with Fortune 500 companies, to mid-sized and small startup firms) to her focus as an entrepreneur. Upon reaching a Vice-President Executive level in NYC busting her chops at large and mid-sized ad and marketing agencies, she decided to disrupt her existence and build her ultimate vision of her life in this business. Natalie is harnessing her creative and business acumen developing an edgy, out of the box, award-winning Business & Coaching Services coalition. Also, she has launched a new coaching structure and program/podcast called Disrupt Now (disrupting the status quo!)


    She carries a keen ability to know what makes companies and humans tick intuitively. She can see the most magnificent vision possible and knows innately the right steps necessary to get to that ultimate vision. Work experience in corporations expands across business operations, management, strategy, and implementation of extensive sales and marketing projects that include but are not limited to branding, writing and creating content, creative direction, complex technology projects, video production, rolling out new sales initiatives and training procedures, and much more.


    Natalie has her undergrad B.S. in Business, emphasis in Marketing from the University of Phoenix in San Francisco (as well as an A.D. from University of Reno, Nevada). She's a trained and certified Life, Professional and Business Coach under the global program at the World Coach Institute (ICF-accredited). She is also training with a prestigious health and nutrition coaching program called Precision Nutrition for Health & Wellness Coaching Certification. Natalie is acting President/CEO as Team Gu grows and scales over the coming years.


    Some specialties of Natalie include, but are not limited to:

    • Public Speaker
    • Advisory and Consulting Roles
    • Coach & Workshop Leader
    • Writing, Copywriting
    • Change Management & Leadership and Team Coaching
    • Marketing & Sales and BusDev Consulting, Training and Tactical Work

    Mark Viglione

    Co-Owner & Creative Director

    AKA: Video Ninja


    Mark is a two-time award-winning Video Editor and Producer that has a deep passion to build things, and that desire is what drove him into the video world. His innovation and creativity in building video through the script-to-delivery process is unique. Mark is a creative through and through and that drives all of his projects. His creative writing/scripting skills breathe life into many formats of video content.


    It's not just about editing anymore. Those days are GONE! It's now about having "preditor" skills and being able to build and write stories, as well as understand how things get promoted. Mark builds scripts, can help guide video production from an editing viewpoint, can come up with creative concepts, and more. He edits in Adobe Premier and Avid, and is highly skilled in After Effects, Photoshop, and more.


    Read about his awards here and here.


    Some specialties of Mark include, but not limited to:

    • Video Strategy (Concepts)
    • Script Development
    • Pre-Production (Scriptwriting), Production (Producer & Direction), Post-Production & Audio
    • Promotional Shorts
    • Commercial Videos
    • Production
    • Sizzles/Teasers
    • After Effects (Certified)
    • Photoshop
    • Avid Master 
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Graphic Design

    Alan Maio

    Specialist, Organizational Excellence

    & Principal, Orria Consulting/Hospitality

    AKA: Strategy Samurai


    Alan Maio has led a distinguished career in the building materials and mining industries, most notably, as a senior manager for two Fortune Global 500 companies. Throughout his career, he has been asked to take leadership roles in multiple countries and has led many teams.


    Over the years, Alan has gained important insights on leadership, project management, change management, process improvement and performance management. Growing up in a family restaurant business helped him understand at an early age what it takes to run a successful enterprise and helped him find success in the corporate world.


    Alan’s journey has come full circle. His experiences run the gamut from managing restaurants to being an executive in the corporate world. Alan is now able to combine his true passions; working in small to large entities, building teams and helping businesses improve organizational and operational efficiency.


    Alan received a degree in Civil Engineering and is a Six Sigma Green Belt.


    Some specialties of Alan include, but not limited to:

    • Operational Excellence Guru / Speaker 
    • Leadership Mentoring and Training
    • Safety Management
    • Performance Management
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • KPIs and Performance Optimization

    Andrea Mejia


    AKA: Brand Sorceress


    Andrea Mejia is our internal and outreach coordinator and writer. Her interest in science and art brings a unique perspective to everything we do. Simultaneously with her day-to-day, she is pursuing a Bachelor's degree from Hunters College in Physics and Creative Writing.

  • Vetted Partner Profiles

    PARTNER: PAC Public Relations, Charlotte, NC


    Peter Carey

    As the lead Creative Director of PAC Public Relations, he takes pride in delivering innovative concepts keeping brands fresh, modern and relevant. He’s had extensive experience in the world of fashion and entertainment from modeling to event planning and is a driving force in creative processes.


    Josh Anglero

    As the Technology Director, he is responsible for building all technical aspects from websites, back-end systems, and provides creative technology solutions.


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