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    We're a small group of people that serve a BIG purpose!


    The mission is to disrupt status quo; to shake up the modern world and pave the way for future generations in order to create greater peace, more mindful humans, and harmony for all.


    Whether you come to us for disruption in your personal life or seek help to disrupt your business to get to a new level of operating, we focus on helping you become conscious, mindful, and make you dig deep to discover (or rediscover) purpose.


    Simply, we do the following:

    1. COACHING SERVICES: We provide niche services in coaching, advising and training for individuals, and for leaders and teams within companies. 
    2. BUSINESS SERVICES: We dig deep to understand your business goals and then partner you with the right people in our coalition. We can be hired individually or as a group. Generally speaking, we are all about working with businesses that do good in the world, or in some way make people's lives HAPPIER! We provide monthly managed services that are wrapped around strategy and tactical work as it relates to management, sales, marketing, and operations (we focus on operational excellence).

    Explore more about what we do.


    Knowing the purpose without an inkling of a doubt is essential. Essential for your business and digging deep into why it operates. Also, for individuals, digging deep into why you are on this planet. Purpose-driven drives more positive energy into the world, it's as simple as that.


    We adore calling our coalition as being chock full of changeologists. A changeologist is a natural disruptor. The formal term is someone who enables change. The word was initially brought to life in the book "Changeology" written by psychologist John C. Norcross, Ph.D.


    "Changeology is to define, adhere to, and manifest your goals and resolutions."
    Check out his book here.









    I know what you're wondering after reading the above. What is status quo exactly and isn't that an OK thing? The dictionary definition of status quo is simply "the state of affairs," but the reality is that it's a state of affairs that resists progress. When you aren't progressing or taking leaps to drive change, and feeling stuck in one way or another, then the fact of the matter is that status quo has you halted.


    Being purpose-driven in your life and as a business owner is imperative. If your business isn't thriving, then it means that your business isn't representing your purpose so it's more than likely not doing what it's supposed to be doing in the marketplace. The fact of the matter is that status quo doesn't work in our complex world. We're asked to transition and meet challenges every day and being "alive" takes a lot more than it used to. The challenge lies in meeting those transitions with strength, courage, and understanding, while yearning to be better than yesterday. That is the formula how each of us personally can help to evolve humanity to get to a better place than we're at today. Life is a work of art that each of us is creating, so being in the status quo isn't being in a position that creates true authentic happiness or success.


    I built this coalition, this group of people, to serve individuals and companies in a unique way. A coalition of people allows us to truly use the right expertise in the right spots, rather than throwing a bunch of people at you that add no value.


    We're here to help people WAKE UP! I know that it's not a small feat, but this is my purpose! I've taken what I've learned in climbing, striving, and reaching amazing heights over the past 15 years in the corporate world and my life (oh, don't worry, plenty of dark days in there, too), and made a decision a couple of years ago to let my purpose live through me and became an entrepreneur. I bring this to you so that I can activate my life and other's lives in more unique ways. I feel alive now in a way that brings tears of joy to my eyes, and I feel it in the fabric of my being!


    My company applies creative solutions using our "disruption" ethos (see our Disrupt Now ethos here) and integrates it throughout every service we provide.


    IN BUSINESS: When things don't feel like it's going the right way, or the company is at a major plateau, then something needs to shift. Say you're launching a new business or a new product and need to get "out there" and realize you're not quite attracting the right people, something is not right. Or, you've been around, and now you're trying to reach and attain new business goals and can't quite seem to get there. It takes disrupting what you've been doing to reach new heights. It requires a new strategy, a new way of thinking, and digging deep into what it'll take as it's never one thing. We help you become mindful, drive your business' purpose through everything you do, and give you the guidance and support necessary to get sh*t done!


    IN YOUR PERSONAL LIFE AND YOUR CAREER: If you don't own a business, you still own your life; you're the artist and creator of your own life, so technically you're an "entrepreneur" in that design! Do you keep hitting barriers and you're sick and tired of feeling like you're just not getting where you need to go? Do bad things keep "happening" and you don't know why? You're thinking a lot about what you need to do, but not doing anything? It takes disruption of your current habits to make the changes necessary to move beyond your status quo (that current state of affairs you're stuck in). We use our Disrupt Now ethos and mindset and apply this knowledge to help you become more accountable and take action in the right direction, and uncover or rediscover your purpose!


    The cost of staying in the status quo zone? You never reach that future place you want to be. You have a dream, but you'll never achieve that vision. You have goals, but you'll keep missing them. You have a to-do list, but never crossing off enough. We will provide the ideas, concepts, tactics and tools to get your life there, your career there, your business there, and we will make it stick!


    We look forward to meeting to go on a journey, and we're a coalition of professionals (of changeologists) waiting to help you kickass!


    In Love & Light,


    ~ Natalie Viglione, Founder



    We are hired on an individual basis, or a couple of us, or as a group; this setup is created and based on the expertise needed, your goals, needs, the budget at-hand, but ultimately it's what adds the most value to YOU!


    Natalie Viglione

    Founder/CEO, CLC, CPC, CBC

    AKA: Consulting & Coaching Yogi


    Natalie is a creative visionary that brings 17 years of corporate experience to her focus as an entrepreneur. Upon reaching a Vice President Executive level in NYC, she decided to disrupt her existence and has focused all of her energy on building her ultimate vision of her life through her business. Natalie is harnessing her creative and business acumen developing an edgy, out of the box, award-winning Business & Coaching Services Firm through Team Gu, and has launched a new product/coaching program and podcast called Disrupt Now (disrupting the status quo!)


    She carries a keen ability to know what makes companies and humans tick intuitively and has learned that she is, in fact, an Empath/Indigo. She can see the most magnificent vision possible and knows innately the right steps necessary to get to that ultimate vision. Her strategic guidance includes consulting around the business in its entirety, management and leadership, sales and marketing, and she is certified and trained as a Life Guide and Teacher (aka Coach). Her work experience in corporations expands across business operations, management, strategy, and implementation of extensive sales and marketing projects that include but are not limited to branding, writing and creating content, creative direction, complex technology projects, video production, rolling out new sales initiatives and training procedures, and much more.


    She is a trained and certified Life, Professional and Business Coach under the global program at the World Coach Institute, and is training with a prestigious health and nutrition coaching program called Precision Nutrition to get her Health & Wellness Coaching Certification.


    Team Gu, as a coalition, is all about working cohesively to build, create and forge new paths with ideas made to stick!


    Some specialties of Natalie include, but not limited to:

    • Speaker
    • Advisory and Consulting Roles
    • Coach & Workshop Leader
    • Writing, Copywriting
    • Change Management & Leadership and Team Coaching
    • Marketing & Sales and BusDev Consulting, Training and Tactical Work

    Mark Viglione

    Partner & Chief Video Officer

    AKA: Video Ninja


    Mark is a two-time award-winning Video Editor and Producer that has a deep passion to build things, and that desire is what drove him into the video world. His innovation and creativity in building video through the script-to-delivery process is unique. Mark is a creative through and through and that drives all of his projects. His creative writing/scripting skills breathe life into many formats of video content.


    It's not just about editing anymore. Those days are GONE! It's now about having "preditor" skills and being able to build and write stories, as well as understand how things get promoted. Mark builds scripts, can help guide video production from an editing viewpoint, can come up with creative concepts, and more. He edits in Adobe Premier and Avid, and is highly skilled in After Effects, Photoshop, and more.


    Personal: Mark is a Lego and comic book lover, a creative writer (has several short novels/comics underway to be published), and is also a furry animal lover. He makes beer, wine, mead and one hell of a good Limoncello (dare he say it's the best anyone can try, we challenge you to ask him about it and try it for yourself. He'll share!)


    Read about his awards here and here.


    Some specialties of Mark include, but not limited to:

    • Video Strategy (Concepts)
    • Script Development
    • Pre-Production (Scriptwriting), Production (Producer & Direction), Post-Production & Audio
    • Promotional Shorts
    • Commercial Videos
    • Production
    • Sizzles/Teasers
    • After Effects (Certified)
    • Photoshop
    • Avid Master 
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Graphic Design

    Alan Maio

    Strategy & Organizational Excellence

    AKA: Strategy Samurai


    Alan Maio has led a distinguished career in the building materials and mining industries, most notably, as a senior manager for two Fortune Global 500 companies. Throughout his career he has been asked to take leadership roles in multiple countries and lead many teams.


    Over the years, Alan has gained important insights on leadership, project management, change management, process improvement and performance management. Growing up in a family restaurant business helped him understand at an early age what it takes to run a successful enterprise and helped him find success in the corporate world.


    Alan’s journey has come full circle. His experiences run the gamut from managing restaurants to being an executive in the corporate world. Alan is now able to combine his true passions; working in small to large entities, building teams and helping businesses improve organizational and operational efficiency.


    Alan received a degree in Civil Engineering and is a Six Sigma Green Belt.


    Some specialties of Alan include, but not limited to:

    • Speaker
    • Leadership Mentoring and Training
    • Safety Management
    • Performance Management
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • KPIs and Performance Optimization

    Andrea Mejia



    Director, Research & Operations Manager


    AKA: Brand Sorceress

    Having been an artist most of her life (an actress and dancer by trade), Andrea knows how to harness artistic creation and expression in order to meet individual and business needs. In her spare time, she is working on her undergrad degree with a double major at CUNY Hunter College in Physics and Creative Writing. This means she deeply understands the interrelationships that exist in life and sees the pattern of how these aspects connect and are interwoven in the fabric of our existence.


    Not only does she take writing and creation of content, branding, operations, etc. very seriously, she helps get into the mode of understanding what people want to hear and helps breathe life into the "underbelly" to all of the work that we do.


    • Operational support and continuously building the foundations and documentation 
    • Research and Planning
    • Strategy & Planning with emphasis Branding & Content
    • Campaign Management (email content, blogs, and more)
    • Video: Acting, PA
    • Writing (blogs, email content, and more)
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