A group of people who have joined together for a common purpose!

    Team Gu LLC is an award-winning entity and a coalition that offers business & coaching services.



    Niche Services:

    • We provide coaching, advising and training for individuals, and leaders or teams within companies.
    • We partner with businesses that need to disrupt, and we provide monthly managed services that are wrapped around strategy and tactical work as it relates to management/HR, sales, marketing, and operational excellence.


    We're a small group but we have a BIG mission!


    Helping people and businesses to be driven from PURPOSE. We focus on actions that are conscious, mindful, and we help you discover (or rediscover) the unique purpose. The big things we're trying to accomplish is disrupting the status quo to make PROGRESS!



    We have people in NYC and Charlotte, NC


    Team Gu is all about providing strategies, tools, tips, and ideas MADE TO STICK!





    “Team Gu's purpose and action with my company has been nothing but amazing when it comes to helping my brand, REEL Lifestyle! One would think that being so many miles away from the company that is helping represent your brand would be merely impossible, yet through their team dynamics and quality of service, they have been the best! From our weekly updates, team phone conference calls and the open needed line of communication on both sides, we were so impressed with their plan of action! Our numbers rose, our social media presence became stronger and on a skeletal (technology) side of things, we couldn't have been happier. Most of what Team Gu does [vision building, eCommerce build-out, marketing and sales strategy, and so much more] is foreign to us and why we hired them, yet it is so crucial for any brand to continue to grow in this time of overloaded internet and social media connections! Thank you Team Gu for all that you do for our company, your team rocks!!!"

    ~ CEO & Founder, Walt Lyman, REEL Lifestyle




    Team Gu is putting on an Empower Symposium 2018 in Charlotte, NC for the makers, doers and builders! Industries include:

    Construction, Contracting, Building, Manufacturing

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