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Episode #9: Guest, Heather Waibel, Founder of Welnys

Heather Shares her Insight on the Future of Corporate Wellness

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Guest, Heather Waibel,

Talks About the Culture of Health in Business

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Heather Waibel is a well-traveled, savvy business woman who holds an MBA, speaks German, and has been to 30 countries. This has fueled her entrepreneurial ventures, and is now on her second business adventure! 

As a previous "cigar celebrity,” her first entrepreneurial journey was the owner and operato of Fumee, a cigar bar and media company. After an exit, she spent half a decade doing business operations and UX project management at a Fortune 500 company.

Based on her experiences in the corporate culture, Heather has now returned to her entrepreneurial ways, and is combining her entrepreneurial, corporate experience, and her passion of doing yoga for 15 years into her most recent business called Welnys. Welnys is a platform that helps companies implement and optimize their workplace wellness programs from mindfulness programs, to health and wellness speakers, yoga practitioners, and more!

Natalie talks to Heather about the health & wellness trends she is seeing and how she is helping fuel a more healthy culture in businesses, as well as digs into her entrepreneurial journey to get to where she is today to offer up some great advice for others wanting to take their first steps into being an entrepreneur. She is disrupting health, wellness and technology all at the same time!

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