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Episode #10: Guest, Angela Ambrosia, Love & Relationship Teacher

Love Moves Humanity Forward

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Guest, Angela Ambrosia, Discusses With Natalie How LOVE Moves Humanity Forward

Our guest in this episode, Angela Ambrosia, a Certified Relationship Coach and Teacher of Meditation, is a teacher with a deep affinity for helping women create deeply satisfying love. She teaches embodied meditation, a technique infused with her 20 + years of dance, healing and love for the body.

In this episode, Natalie speaks with Angela as to how we can bring further awareness around the topic of LOVE... what is love, how do we become more loving, why love at all? And, bringing a a deep, passionate embrace on how love moves us forward as humanity, and how to bring that into our everyday relationships (not just with our significant others or lovers, but into our everyday experiences with people in general... with humans).



There is a lot of awareness of how relationships are breaking up and not working more and more these days (think divorce and that rate jumping up and up and up). There's a significant focus on what we are without, but what about the love? What is love, how do we become more loving, why love at all? How do we educate children about what love is and what it is not. These are the harder questions that this podcast brings to light.

Angela's journey as a teach and coach is through sharing embodied meditation with individuals and groups to *feel* love in their bodies again, and throwing away old thoughts and feelings that stir up shame or running away from the "uncomfortable stuff."

Angela's personal story is that she went through a lot of self-hate (like a lot of us women do constantly and learned in our homes growing up-- I know I did!) and felt like a loser as she went through break up after break up. But, when Angela found her current partner (in the most highly unlikely of possible circumstances as to what can be called the universe magic), she found how she could be sure in herself as the creator of love in her life!

As we are deeply attached to the consciousness shift happening, the way to solve the BIG problem of families breaking up because people can't resolve hurts in the relationship, or that can't communicate in a loving way, we need to stop and ask what is the better way? Angela teaches and creates spaces where people FEEL love in their heart, they start to resolve those old hurts, then their heart naturally wants to be move loving... automatically.

On top of this, Angela wants to disrupt the LOVE space a bit more... disrupting the silence about how humanity has taken forms of "love" through sex and images around sex to a level that is doing harm in our youth. We can't stop porn being available 100% of the time on the internet, or young kids having their smart phones in school, but what about a GLOBAL level of education to happen on LOVE. The only solution in the rise of porn and how those images and the use of this is to educate on LOVE. Sex is not porn, and porn is not love. There is a silence around this topic and this is a major way to take LOVE education to new levels.

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