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Episode #8: Digging Deep On Disruption

The Creation of the Disrupt Now Program

· Podcast Episode,Disrupt Now Program,Disrupt Now

Creators & Team Gu Crew Talks About Their Own Disruption Journeys

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In-Studio, Team Gu Co-Founder and CEO, Natalie Viglione, brings on two of her Team Gu members and friends, Andrea Mejia and Paulina Brusca. This is THE year of disruption!

What is the Disrupt Now Program and how does it connect to the Disrupt Now Podcast? What has been the creators very own disruption journeys? They discuss these items and more.

The Disrupt Now Program is a MINDFULNESS program... it has been developed for individuals and companies to bring into their lives to help on many levels. Simple fact... did you know that stress and associated health issues costs companies $190B a year? Not to mention what it does to the individuals that get sick from the stress and anxiety! Stress that isn't managed leads to burnout and burnout leads to quitting. That’s BAD for our world, bad for companies, and bad for individuals experiencing this. The program helps people disrupt their status quo and get UP and OUT to reach the ultimate vision of their lives.

There are documented studies proving that Mindfulness has a profound impact on leaders and employees … in general, on PEOPLE! Employees can learn how to be less reactive, and learn how to manage stress properly, but one must continue to practice mindfulness. A one-time class doesn’t cut it, but an ongoing weekly program is effective. 

For more information for the modules people get taken through and more at www.disruptnowprogram.com.

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