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Episode #12: Guest, Arrie Fae Bronson-Davidson

Challenging the "Way Things Are"

· Podcast Episode,Disrupt Now Program,Equality

Guest, Arrie Fae Bronson-Davidson Talks With Natalie about Challenging the "Way Things Are"

Natalie and Arrie discuss how to challenge the status quo. In a very funny, intimate and incredibly courageous conversation, Arrie shares her evolution as a transgender dancer and an incredible disruptor in the dance community. According to Arrie, when it comes to the dance world, she is disrupting by her sheer existence in it. She feels that her ability to be successful and have a voice for the transgender population is because she has spent the better part of her life training as a professional dancer and choreographer. Arrie makes the very salient point that anytime someone emerges as the voice of any under-represented or marginalized group, in order to be heard they have to be just as good, if not two to three times better at whatever it is they do.

As we dove in deeper we talked about how Arrie coped with being born in the wrong body, the choice to transition and the impact that has had on her life.

Being a transgender who is out in the public eye, you can’t ignore her, she says:

"You can't ignore me. Me. People like me.

We are here and our voices are valid, bold and beautiful. I have literally left nothing in the closet. I’m not asking for special treatment as I am confident that my training and choreographic skills are of a world class caliber. It’s time the Trans Community had a seat at the table and I intend to get one with or without an invitation." - Arrie

This episode's impact that Natalie wants people to take away is a powerful reminder about what love is, how to accept the fact that disrupting just needs to start happening on grander scales, and so much more.



Arrie Fae (also known as Faux Pas le Fae) is the Artistic Director and Founder of KineticArchitecture Dance Theatre, and Downtown Nightlife Performance Artist. She is a transgender choreographer and hopes to re-imagine what dance has the potential to be through openness to diverse influences in order to create work that serves as poetic activism for the issues of self love, social equality, and continued understanding of transgender people.

Her goal is to build a home and studio in downtown NYC helping underrepresented artists. KineticArchitecture Dance Theatre is a not-for-profit and is currently seeking donations to help support their next large production (discussed in the podcast) called Twisters & Witches, a riff off of Wizard of Oz. You can donate and help support the organization at http://www.kadancetheatre.org/.

KineticArchitecture Dance Theatre is also involved with the Bryant Park Contemporary Dance Festival. http://www.bryantpark.org/plan-your-visit/bpdance.html

Get in touch with Arrie here:

kadancetheatre.org (Donate on the site as well to help support her vision!)



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