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Guest, Dina Molina, Certified Psychotherapist

Be the change you want to see...

· Disrupt Now Program,Life Transformation,Podcast Episode

Dina Molina, Certified Psychotherapist, Talks About Expecting Greatness and Why You Must Be Ready for Change!





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Not all therapists are created equal. It's not easy to figure that out until you try. If you've ever been in therapy, and are still there years later, it's probably time to assess the value of that therapist.

Natalie here, and I am a client of Dina Molina, a Certified Psychotherapist, MSW, LMSW, SIFI, and Dina's practice is different and it truly disrupts what the typical "therapist" believes. Her story is not only unique, but she is also the kind of therapist that requires her clients to truly be ready to disrupt their status quo! She doesn't want to keep you in therapy for years, she wants you to see, feel and experience the change you seek. That's music to my ears as I believe in the power of having others help keep you accountable and help you change your life. None of us can do everything alone, and should not have to!

This episode touches on the fact that when you embark upon a journey of change, it is not easy, and you don't have to do it alone. People like Dina as a psychotherapist, or me as a trainer and coach with a different hat on, we are all there to help in different and unique ways. It's important to trust the process, always expect greatness, and be ready for the change to come!


As a teenage mother who’s had my share of trauma throughout childhood, I stumbled upon Psychotherapy, well, Psychology first, and the desire to support others when I attended an Alternative High School right before I found out I was pregnant. Dr. Owen, who was the psychology teacher in my school, taught about healing relationships and about being the change needed for a happy life. I was intrigued and interested in knowing more. I was shortly kicked out of school for fighting and had to begin my life as a teen mom.

After years of finding my way and traversing the intense path I was on, I eventually graduated with a GED and attended college and after a few unencouraging jobs; I began my career in 2005 working within the field of education in the Charter School System. Shortly after, I relocated and worked within Child Protective Services and later I became employed within the NYC Public School System. After completing my Master’s Degree at Hunter College (Silberman School of Social Work with an emphasis on Individual and Family Therapy), I became a Psychotherapist and began working within a clinical setting specializing in Play Therapy with children, adolescents and adults who have been diagnosed with socio-emotional, developmental and behavioral problems at all stages of development.

As a Licensed Psychotherapist, my greatest reward is when I come into contact with an individual that I’ve worked with in the past that is currently living a life of fulfillment and with enjoyment. It gives me great joy to have provided them with the tools needed to get them back into a place of love and encouragement with such positive regard for self.

My goal is to always provide those who I come in contact with a safe space to be themselves. I find that allowing someone the opportunity to express their anxieties and frustrations while providing them with cognitive rehabilitation, behavior modification and/ or relaxation therapy will empower them to work through life's challenges. I love providing individual support…when I say individual support it really is who I am and aspire to be…there are no cookie cutter tools used because no one person is the same. I expect that when you walk away you know that you always MATTER!




OpenPath Collective is a partnership with licensed mental health clinicians in private practice throughout the fifty states, Open Path Psychotherapy Collective levels the current mental health playing field by reaching the growing number of Americans who earn too much to qualify for subsidized psychotherapeutic services and too little to pay for private psychotherapy.


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