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Episode #11, Guest, Shira Adler,The Metaphysical Mrs. Fields of Healing


Disrupting Health Through Cannabis Education & Healing

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Disrupting Health Through Cannabis Education & Healing

Guest, Shira Adler, is a healer through and through. She's an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and passionate advocate for CBD (Cannabidioll, or cannabinoid, is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds in the cannabis plant, but CBD is completely nonpsychoactive, there's no "high" at all), and is a certified past life reggressionist. Shira founded a company called T3cSynergy, a transformative mind, body, spirit-focused CBD product company, and has been nicknamed The "Pot Mom" or the Metaphysical Mrs. Field's of Healing.

In this episode, Natalie talks to Shira about what healing, in the truest sense of the word, means as she heals through understanding a person's past life, and believes there are other NON-traditional methods to heal one's mind, body and soul, like CBD. The addiction this world has on opioids, anti-depression drugs, etc. has had an adverse effect on many levels.

Listen to the full episode here:

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