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What is Gu Anyway?

A lesson in The Gu way...

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Team Gu. What is the "Gu" part you ask? So glad you asked!

First, we do like slime. Gu was partly all about that awesome gooey stuff that came from 25 cent machines outside of grocery stores back in the 80's and 90's. Loved having fun with that stuff. Probably neon cancer, but we won't talk about that. 

The truth is though that Gu is more than that, too. 

We all know that doing business will only get more complicated. Everything is in constant movement, and movement does not always mean evolving. In fact, we feel those are two very different things, hold that thought.

Team Gu is about coming up with “ideas made to stick.” The “Gu” is the stick! The stick is all about the idea, and how it gets put into play and out into the world. The important factor is the "who" behind it all as well. Everyone has a unique way of doing things, and that's important to remember.

We know having the right kind of ideas is where it all starts, and then sculpting them and massaging them is the next step. Whether we’re speaking about an individual, a business, the important point is to have what you say and what you do stick with the right people. We want them to buy, donate to, share, etc. your product, service, belief, vision, or hope. The stickiness is what gets people (and companies) to the “next level” and that level is different for everyone and everything.

The way we approach working with people and companies is one thing that sets Gu apart from average business/marketing/sales consulting and coaching firms.

The biggest thing is that we’ve stripped out the over-inflated teams, and over complicated BS that infects every single "agency." An agency isn't what we want to be as sometimes that is just another expendable part of a company, and as soon as things "tank" even a little marketing gets blamed and things get cut. It's not the best strategic seat. All that we work with in Gu came from that world, so we get it and oftentimes those structures are way too inflated. You won't find your average “sales” person that just doesn’t truly *get* it, there aren’t any “account managers” or "account coordinators” and other layers upon layers of people adding complication to the mix, and stupidity (there, we said it!)

The experienced practitioners we have that are Gu team members will do the work, too. THEY 100% ARE ENTREPRENEURS! All of us get our hands dirty and will wear as many damn hats as we need to. To some that seems weird, but the reason we do is because we're here to truly help and never to be prissy drama queens (saying things like, "I have 20 years of experience so I shouldn't have to do the work...").

We’re making our people attack work in new ways and why it takes a special person who isn’t afraid of doing hard work to be a part of this sticky team over here. A Gu-ber is what we also like to call ourselves.

Since we offer business consulting, coaching (life, business, marketing and retreats/workshops), as well as marketing and sales consulting along with the actual implementation team to bring those visions to life (we build websites, we brand, we write video scripts, we produce, etc. etc.). We strip out those inefficient layers of complexity. We create a team wrapped around the necessary talents and expertise to get the things done that need to be done.

Most companies feel strained enough already, so we don’t need to make the “getting-shit-done process” harder than it already is. Our whole team does not work on every project together simultaneously, but we’re pieced together (like a puzzle) in order to provide the most value and is always customized to each client. From full business consultations, developing a customized workshop or retreat to help your leadership team get to work with a new vision, all the way to building video to support a launch; we have the right people to help. But, if we don’t for some reason, then we’ll be honest up front so there’s no time nor money wasted.

That's how you EVOLVE a team, and help EVOLVE a business or EVOLVE a person to be better than yesterday (movement for the sake of movement does not mean moving towards making that evolution happen.)

Oh, and the egos and inflated personas? We left those pieces of our selves a long time ago. We don't always have to “be right" and will gladly be proven wrong. And, we are truth. If a client has $10K to launch a product (or service, app, etc.) and that’s it, we’re going to tell them exactly what they can expect. It's probably in the 100s and you have to keep doing things to build momentum. One small launch campaign won't cut it. Why should we blow smoke up the you-know-what? All we are sayin' is that we’re not afraid to tell the real story.

We may not be the first biz on the scene with this type of approach, but the fact of the matter is that to Team Gu status quo just doesn’t work anymore.


So, we’re ready to help you move past that and get you there in a way that makes sense. Like the humans we are, but maybe with some kickass alien ideas! (Nikola Tesla, yes, we cheers to him!)

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