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Movie Trailer - Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

· Video Production

See the below... how real does that look? (Of course, it's not real. No affiliation to Paramount or any movie actually coming soon, just for the hell of it!) Showing off Mark's amazing #video post skills. We'd go see this flick, how 'bout you?


This is for fun but it's also about providing an example that video is just telling a STORY. You connect fragments and pull together all kinds of pieces of footage, images, etc. to create the story you want, nay, need to tell. That's where vision and audience targeting comes in and is the most important aspect when thinking about how to execute the video(s) you're seeking to create.

Also, this shows that the magic does happen in post-production. It's where a story comes together and can immensely be modified by moving bits and pieces around. This thriller certainly wasn't the "Gump" that Tom Hanks signed up for!

Bottom line is that video is a very powerful medium and when done right it connects with audiences in ways that other media cannot.

Think Tom Hanks would have played in this role? Gump seems pretty bad ass from this perspective...

We'll be releasing one of these per month so if you want to see more, please subscribe below!

Have a flick you'd want to see switched up like this one? Send us a note! For example, think we can make World War Z look like a romance chick flick?

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