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My Own Awakening

BY: Natalie Viglione

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My Journey To Disrupt Now

I've always been a very self-aware person, well, not always. After some early trauma, and crap that I created in my own life (divorce at way too young of an age), and plenty of other things that aren't even worth repeating. I could have chosen the victim route, but said FUCK THAT. The trauma (emotional or otherwise) sent me on a journey to live out my own dreams, and to become a pursuer of truth. I am a woman who knew she had a bigger journey to live out, never quite sure of what that meant exactly. I've never been afraid of living and haven't looked back really since I turned 25. In fact, I've never really been afraid of too much since then. It's amazing how major emotional drama can actually push people onto their correct paths (or that feeling of alignment). I've grown up seeing so many people around me be afraid of their own shadows, so I truly grabbed onto the core of me and said LET'S GO, BABY!

Sometimes living in this way, especially being a pursuer of truth, it has gotten me in trouble as I've come to realize that a large majority of people don't want to HEAR truth. People thinking I am a bitch or an asshole. I didn't think it was possible for people to live like that, but I had to realize that not everyone is awake... They'd rather live in their comfort bubbles of ignorance than truly know and see beyond what's right in front of their nose. I've since learned that you choose your battles and speak truths to those only ready for it. That's not really easy to know and I feel bad I tried to help people and instead hurt them with honesty (damn it). But, to be frank, some people need to hear it for their own good, but you have to be ready for the consequences.

I've been on a long journey to get to where I am today, and I've always had this very deep pull within me that I know I am supposed to do something big. I got in my own way for a very long time, and every now and again I get a setback and have to realign myself. I started Team Gu after being kicked around in higher corporate positions, working with smaller or mid-sized companies with the same BS, ad agencies and corporations; they all just didn't feel right to me. And, then I said FUCK NORMAL. This is something I learned from someone that has transformed my life... (yes, Kute Blackson is that person)!

I jumped in, sort of reluctantly, but did it anyway with the loving support of my (now) husband. It was the BEST thing we've ever done, but the scariest thing we've ever done, too. Almost 1.5 years ago now we brought people into the company, and what a ride it has been!

Also, I learned this year after 38 years of living on this Earth, that I am what you call an Empath, or a Lightworker. I started to see a wonderful woman who has helped me realize what this means. It's shocking to understand this now as I look back at my entire existence and realize what a huge play this had in the way I've been since I was born. If only I had known...

It's OK, I know now and that's more powerful than never knowing. I've been open to learning how to protect myself and live as an Empath/Lightworker... and USE IT TO MY FULL ADVANTAGE! I've been opening my third eye so that I can strengthen my skills that I've come to rely on with great ease (knowing and feeling others feelings and knowing exactly what they need or looking for, having a bit of a psychic ability to foresee events, etc. etc.), but I also have a really long way to go and a whole hell of a lot to still learn!

Through this process, I've had some kickass dreams. Out of one of these awesome dreams Disrupt Now was born and this happened only a short 2-3 months ago. My husband and I were in Charlotte, planning the future move to disrupt OUR lives and live greater adventures together. This dream laid out the majority of what this program could be, like how to to start it and what it needs to be all about. I had to 100% get out of the way so that it could flow through! I could have sat there and said "I'm not good enough to do this," or, "I'm not smart enough to do it," and the usual bullshit that goes on inside the mind. That fear-based mind that does not serve your higher self is nothing but trouble.

It was roughly around 6-7 years ago, a very important woman in my life, my aunt Tori, told me about Kute Blackson. Immediately I was hooked. I watched/read every one of his vlogs/blogs and thought, YES, this is exactly what I needed! His journey to get to where he is today is so intriguing and his belief system so like mine.

Last year his book, You. Are. The. One. came out. This book is the life changing kind of amazing. I gave it to the people on my team, I gave it to my husband, and I've told an incredible amount of people about it. That's not really my style anymore given I've learned to (for the most part) shut my mouth when it comes to this kind of self-help, motivational, life transforming stuff (as I said, I came to realize that the MAJORITY of people love living in that status quo zone). But, for the people I did share it with, I knew there was something about this book and I had to share it NOW!

All of this is a very long preface to say that I am honored, grateful, and send a huge, huge thank you to Kute.

He is going to be on the DisrUPt Now Podcast!

YES YES YES!!!! This podcast will be coming out soon...

This will be a 2 part series and will be released out over the next week or so. In the meantime, here is one of the MOST inspiring videos I've seen in a really long time by Kute (watch below) and this video will help you say "FUCK NORMAL" too! It's OK to let go of what others expect you to be.




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