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Episode #5: Guest, Erica Sandberg

Disrupt How You Think of Finances & Change Your Credit Score For Good

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Guest, Erica Sandberg, Discusses Disrupting How You Think of Finances & Change Your Credit Score For Good

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Erica Sandberg is all about living a fantastic lifestyle with financial freedom and having wonderful Adventures With Money.

Adventures With Money is all about helping you understand the truth about money (aka: finances): how to understand your finances, save money, and use money so you can live the most wonderful life imaginable (and that doesn’t mean you have to have LOADS of it either!)

Erica is the editor and lead columnist for Bankrate.com’s money and credit management website, Credit Card Guide, columnist and reporter for CreditCards.com, City Brights writer for SFGate, and the San Francisco Chronicle’s online publication. She is a sought-after commentator, and a frequent guest on national shows such as PBS Nightly Business Report, ABC News GoodMoney, CBS MoneyWatch, Forbes Video Network, Fox Business Network, as well as KRON-TV and all Bay Area networks.

Prior to launching her own financial writing and consulting business in 2008, Erica was affiliated with Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco for over ten years. There she helped thousands of individuals and families improve their financial standing, led countless educational seminars, and acted as the agency’s primary public relations spokesperson. And before that? A brief but highly educational stint as an English and literature teacher in several Northern California high schools.

Erica's C.R.E.D.I.T. System Course allows you to get her insight and the 6 Easy Steps to Healthy Finances & a Great Credit Score. Learn more about this course here.

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