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Mark's New Reel is Live

Video Reel of Awesomeness

Mark, our video ninja... in action! 
Mark has won THREE awards in his career to-date, and that list of awesome work is only growing longer as he gets more and more seasoned in his career. Most editors won't see ONE award in their entire careers and he already has three. All Gu can say is WOW.  
Getting noticed in this sea of people in NYC is no small feat. 
He won a Bronze Telly Award for video marketing content for an agency, and most recently has accomplished receiving two Global PromaxBDA awards. Needless to say, his work simply rocks! And, clearly it's not that we are biased, the awards say so. Clients say so. Everyone says so. 
He is experienced in delivering on-air promos, digital content, music driven pieces, graphic pieces, sizzles, corporate video, and trailers. Mark has a separate site that has a lot more video to watch, too, if you want to see more: www.markvig.com 
Here is his new reel to show off all the great client work! 
Want to hear what clients are saying? Read up here!

TRACEY ZANE - Previous Associate Producer at Nickelodeon 

"I love working with Mark! He is a great editor and collaborator - making your piece come to life while providing suggestions and fixes to enhance the final product. He's great under tight deadlines and also super-savvy at temp-graphics to help visualize what we need from our final deliverables and get a spot through approvals. I am sure anyone who works with him will find their experience very similar to my own."

SIMONE SMITH - Senior Producer/Writer at Nickelodeon International (simonesmith.tv)

"Mark is an extremely talented editor - he is creative, organized, has a great sense of story, and is always a complete pleasure to work with. He is constantly thinking outside of the box and brings new ideas to the table. I've been able to rely on Mark to cut projects without any supervision, and the results are always the same - fantastic. I look forward to working with Mark quite a bit throughout his career."

JOE FISHER - Producer, MTV

"Mark is a fantastic editor. He's very creative, has impeccable technical skills, and always shows up with a positive attitude. I feel a great comfort walking into an edit session with Mark because he is quite versatile and can handle anything that is thrown his way."

CHRIS REINHART - Director at Definition6

"Mark is a creative, technically minded editor that delivers on time! I have been lucky enough to have Mark's assistance on many of my projects and I cannot say enough about the wonderful attitude he brings to every task. Highly recommended!!!"

GALIA MOORS - Video Editor at Nutmeg Post

"I've had the pleasure of working with Mark when I was freelancing at Definition6. His is very professional, highly organized, and a skilled editor, both creatively and technically. He is very dedicated to his work, and always eager to find solutions to problems that come up with working in a high pressure environment. I would strongly recommend him"

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