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Disrupt Now Podcast, Ep. 26: The ABC's of CBD, A New Book By the Amazing Shira Adler


Natalie sits down with Guest, Shira Adler, Author of her new book entitled The ABC's of CBD

Yes! That's right, we have Shira Adler back on the Disrupt Now Podcast! (Did you hear her on our 11th episode? If not, check it out after you listen to this one)! Shira has dedicated three-plus decades to spiritual care work as a cantor, non-denominational Interfaith Minister and healer (Certified Past Life Regressionist, intuitive and spiritual counselor), her Shira Synergy oils and aromatherapy, etc. is the consumer product side of what she is pushing into the world based on the health & wellness aspects of CBD. Shira’s book is out and available on Amazon. It’s called The ABCs of CBD, see link here: https://www.amazon.com/ABCs-CBD-Essential-Parents-regular/dp/0997554215

This book about CBD is a comprehensive guide and educational tool for parents, patients and seasoned activists alike. It has the history of cannabis / hemp, the differences between THC and CBD, the processing methods, and the health and wellness applications of CBD with enthusiasm and passion.

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The story of how I went from being an anti-pot parent to #ThePotMom is pretty intense, and thank you for letting me share with you as everyone needs to know The ABC's of CBD!

The 2/14 date mentioned in the podcast is about an important legal case that will go down in history, so this is a moment that has become a movement... for patient rights, compassionate care, social justice, and basically getting WOKE!

As Disrupt Now says, it's time to say bye-bye to old paradigms! This shift needs to say bye-bye to of big Pharma and hello to the embracing of cannabis cures. I share with you all kinds of insight, like the fact that its popular opinion in the US is cannabis should be legalized AND decriminalized. I share incredible cannabis cures, and how cannabis with emerging markets is the best of all possible worlds: ancient plant wisdom meets modern science. Please check out my book link above and share it with friends as it's time to get woke!

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