• Sales & Marketing Services


  • Every organization needs to sell some kind of a service or product. Even a not-for-profit needs donations. Regardless, getting stakeholders wrapped into your organization is essential.


    The power lies in ensuring your SALES (or business development/community outreach) and MARKETING activities are CONNECTED together, they're ROOTED in the purpose of why you do what you do, and they're EMPOWERED by creativity and fueled by the proper operational plans and processes.


    We're a STRATEGY-FIRST firm, so we don't do ANYTHING without a plan. Here's how we partner in these areas:


    1) Sales Empowerment Training: We have extensive experience supporting the extension of your team, or to train your team to drive results in creative and innovative ways. Sales teams need to align with marketing. All activations much help the other department be successful. This means collaborating and understanding the needs of the other.


    To support this overarching effort, we will help you:


    2) ALIGN YOUR BRAND. We help you refresh, reinvent, or initially create your brand.

    Process: We create your "purpose driven" strategy. This is about aligning your vision + mission + creative execution + voice to ensure your PURPOSE is understood.


    3) From the above, this also can include the following plans and implementation programs:

    • CONTENT STRATEGY + CONTENT CREATION: Social strategies, email plans, video content strategies, and written work for blogs. 
      • WRITTEN: We can build a written content program to help you fill your blog/editorial platforms as well as your social channels. 
      • CREATIVE: We can lead creative direction with your internal teams to help bring content to life.
      • VIDEO: We handle SMALL video productions. We assist in pre-production, production, and post-production (1-2 person shoots).
      • We can assist in building your strategy to help you promote your company. We can also help execute on the strategy. We do this through:  
        • Influencer Programs
        • Content Syndication Plans
        • Instagram (Facebook) Advertising
        • Event Planning

    We also get creative in case you need "out of the box" ideas for promoting who you are to the world!


    4) Operational Excellence as it relates to running your sales/marketing departments. If your processes and systems don't work, nothing else will! This wraps around ensuring your people are right, performance management, setting goals and KPIs, and more.



    We don't know if we're a good fit and can align until we talk.

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