• Monthly Ongoing Support

    We partner with our clients ongoing monthly to support in the following ways:

    • Coaching Program: This is on a monthly basis, go to this page here for more details. 
    • Influencer Program Management - After we've developed the strategy, we can help you run the influencer campaign month-to-month. 
      • WARNING: An Influencer Program is NOT an overnight million-follower maker, but rather a steady way for you to build a network that supports you ongoing and is a strong promotional mechanism.
    • Ongoing Content Development - Support for written, visual or video content. See more here.
    • Performance and Optimization - Develop and implement optimization plans for your operations. We will continuously audit and recommend the changes necessary to increase throughput, productivity, and availability.  We will provide ongoing analysis of production/sales balance with recommended changes in the process to help optimize production to meet sales requirements, and as it relates to output through marketing tactics.
    • Sales and Business Development Support - We can help you continually improve your teams monthly, as well as ensure you have solid sales and marketing alignment, and training for your new employees as necessary.
    • Ongoing Public Relations (promotion, distribution, syndication & advertising services) - We will write the proper strategy for your needs, and then we'll also manage the program and optimize it monthly ongoing if you do not have an internal team to do so. 
    • Human Resources Partnership and Staff Augmentation - As you focus on your business whether it be a restaurant, a start-up tech company, etc. we can help augment your team and augment staff needs wrapped around marketing needs or even simple administration. 
      • NOTE: We have an amazing partner that can do this both nationally and locally to where we're headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. 
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