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    The Disrupt Now podcast, created by Natalie Viglione, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Team Gu, is designed to help people break down the walls around them, construct the ultimate vision of their lives, and provides the tools, tips, and techniques to DISRUPT THEIR STATUS QUO! We shine a light on the good, the bad, and the ugly to help build the roadmap to your dreams. We talk with today’s most effective disruptors in every area from art and design to technology and finance, and even health and well-being. Our guests bring topics to light that help others to shake themselves free and can give them a whole new outlook on life.


    Topics wrapped around how to disrupt the status quo:

    • Transformation of work and life cultures

    • Coaches that are transforming the way people live their lives

    • The consciousness shift that’s disrupting the world’s status quo

    • Being a Lightworker, StarSeed or Indigo in today’s crazy world

    • Women entrepreneurs

    • Non-Profits disrupting the world

    • People disrupting health, wellness, fitness, fashion, media, tech, art, sustainability, energy & design

    • Healers, meditation experts and other life gurus


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