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What's the Point of Using a Tool Like Hootsuite Now That Facebook is in BIG Trouble?

BY: Natalie Viglione

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Ouch. This is a huge impact for marketers, are you prepared?

As a leader, do you and your team have great tools to make your social media posting and tagging and liking and following, etc. etc. much easier to operate? Well, duh, keeping data safe is important, but now Facebook is attaching EVERYTHING instead of really zeroing in on the issue.

Now that Zuckerberg is on fire, they want to take away all the features that make the jobs of marketers around the globe easier by using platforms to help.

For example, there is a HUGE list of all the ways Hootsuite will become less than desirable to use.

As of April 4th, changes to the Facebook and Instagram APIs have impacted Hootsuite in the following ways:

  • Facebook Group, Event, and Page Search streams will no longer display identifiable user information such as username and profile picture.
  • Facebook Page Search streams will be deprecated. It will no longer be possible to add streams for Pages you do not own.
  • Facebook Events and Groups will be deprecated from the dashboard, including:
    • Events streams for Facebook profiles, groups, and Pages.
    • All Facebook Group streams: Timeline, Scheduled, and Activity.
    • Publishing to Groups.
  • Facebook Pages added or reconnected in Hootsuite after April 4 will no longer support Facebook private messaging functionality. This means that the following will no longer be available:
    • Messages stream for Facebook Pages.
    • Automation and assignments for Facebook private messages.
  • Mentioning Instagram users, Facebook Pages, or Facebook users in posts will no longer be supported.
  • Tagging Facebook branded content will no longer be supported.
  • Liking Instagram posts or comments will no longer be supported.
  • Following or unfollowing Instagram users will no longer be supported.
  • Commenting on Instagram posts will no longer be supported, except Instagram Business profiles who can continue commenting on their own posts.
  • Instagram user search streams will be deprecated.
  • Instagram data will no longer be available in Hootsuite Impact’s Brand Tracker module.

The ones highlighted above in red don't make any sense?! Why would I NOT be able to tag a page when that's the point of using a platform like this to help make this automated and easy no matter what channel you're posting on.

But, the real fact of the matter we must addres is: WHAT'S THE POINT OF USING A PROGRAM LIKE HOOTSUITE ANYMORE? This things above are going to change for EVERY platform, be it Sprout Social, or any other "social media helper" type of platform.

It's time to get creative and let that brain go wild with CREATIVE ways to market to people again.

Majority of marketing firms and marketers have become too reliant on the Facebook type of platforms to get targeted an in front of people, so marketing leaders all over the world need to say... WHAT'S NEXT!? And, it's a great time to cut costs where it doesn't make sense anymore (e.g.: paying for Hootsuite).

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