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To Uncover Purpose You Must Know What You Value Most

By: Natalie Viglione

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As a kid, did you ever get asked to sit down with anyone to evaluate what you truly value at the core of who you are?

If you did, did you get to do that with your parents or mentors early on in life before you went to college? Or, were you slightly coerced into valuing things as you grew up that matched what your parents thought you should value based on their assumptions and traditions of living life... (maybe with an or else attached to that)?

In fact, this can be carried over into starting a business. As the founder, did you sit down and write out your purpose in this business and what values it must carry into the world?

Regardless, if we're talking about life, in general, or the company you are starting (or started), getting to the core of who you are (or, what the business drives out into the world) and what values are necessary to create joy needs to be methodically thought out and deeply understood.

For me, as a child, I never had anyone to sit down with to talk about what I'm passionate about, or how to even evaluate me, let alone be taught how to look at my core value system. That is, not until my early 20s after some interesting choices I made led me down some chaotic paths. It was then I figured it out for myself. But, later on, got even more clear on my values once I sat down with a life coach, and found the right kind of therapist to discuss past issues with. And, this speaks true for a lot of people. The issue we face as a human race is that it's an incredibly rare to see or hear about children that get formally sat down and allowed to explore what really makes them tick; not what their family or others around them dictate for them.

A solution would be to insert life strategy sessions into a child's informative years as they reach high school. This can be done through school programs or nonprofit organizations, but it'd be best if it came from parents. If parents could attend to these very important details early on with their children, it would allow the intuitive value system to come alive within each child, which could cause a ripple effect of massive benefits for their kid's lives and empower them to find their purpose earlier in life.

In regard to those that own or are starting a business, in my 17-year career working with companies, I see more often than not that a thorough plan around the VALUES a business should hold is not there. Especially, as it relates to the vision of the founder and how that is relayed in the early stages to all leaders within the company. That phase often is missed completely.

Many of us struggle with finding purpose in our lives and staying true to who we are. It's incredibly easy to get caught up in what someone else thinks we should do or say, and totally move in our lives down paths that goes against what we hold true to ourselves. This causes so much confusion, depression, unhappiness, and, most of all, a life filled with regrets.

No matter what point you're at in your career or how long you've owned your company, there is a way to get on track. I call it a Progression Map and the intent is to go through three stages of building out a strategy, and a simplified version is in these three steps:

  1. Evaluate your core values. Then evaluate where you're at today as it relates to your "current state of being," which is the reality of the business or life situation you're in at this moment in time.
  2. Map out your Ultimate Vision. Where do you WANT to get to? What is the ultimate desire you keep dreaming about for your life, career or for your company? What is that vision? 
  3. Write out your goals and tactics as they relate to #1 and getting you towards #2. These are goals that break down the ability to get you to your ultimate vision, and they must be broken down into the tiniest of details to help you understand HOW to get there. And, I'm talking about an inch-by-inch goal setting plan. We often take on WAY too much and once we fail at hitting one goal, it goes downhill from there. 



Going through a Progression Mapping process means that you must quiet the mind, stop for a while to write, listen to what your intuition says, and feel what your heart is saying to you. You must shut out everyone else to make this happen. This process is about you and you alone, and you must ensure to not let anyone else, or yourself, judge your thoughts or censor your beliefs and outcomes. This is an authentic process to dig deep as that is exactly what it takes to help awaken that vibrant purpose that you're meant to live! And, you deserve that life!

Are you ready to take that next step? Set up a consultation with Natalie Viglione to get your Progression Map started! Go here now to make your appointment.

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