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Post Total Solar Eclipse Viewing

By: Natalie Viglione

· Consciousness,Science,Disrupt Now

Being in the Path of Totality is Not Like

ANYTHING You've EVER Seen ...

That is, unless you've seen it! To be real, you become one with the Universe...


It's the day after August 21, 2017, so it's post the total solar eclipse that swept across the United States. We gathered a group of great peoples and let me tell you, being in the Path of Totality at 100% TOTAL solar eclipse is honestly something you can't put into our language's words; it is almost beyond a human's capability of description!

The feeling that swept over our group. Tears on the faces of my husband, Mark Viglione (my partner in this business and in my life), and I. And, most were just shocked, in awe... I used the word awesome in the truest sense of the word, in fact, finally using it in a way that it's supposed to be used.

Seeing the solar eclipse moving from 98%, 99% to 100% -- holy magnificence! When it happens, you see that "diamond ring" as it's called (and couldn't be more true), then the darkness and this total calming effect that it has on you. Seeing other planets and stars come out mid-day, the crickets and street lights coming out and turning on, birds disappearing, and you then feel the massiveness of this Universe!! This deep, other worldly, riveting feeling.


A picture doesn't do it any justice...

I felt at one, an indescribable peace inside, being connected, and understanding and 100% certain that being in awe of life, and being open and free and doing what is right for THE SOUL has always been the right thing to do. And, now with my Disrupt Now program, bringing others along that want the same full life experience, showing people that being able to live life to the fullest and not compromising is the way to be... this (and more) is all deeply reflected in this kind of unbelievable astronomical event. It displays so clearly to us that we are truly one with this entire Universe, that trusting nature and knowing the Universe will take care of you is truth.

The goosebumps and hairs coming up all over the body, the feeling of being so close and in sync with the moon, sun, and all of the universe, these things that most of us otherwise take for granted (I know I did). But, I get **it** now more deeply, more soulfully than I could have said Sunday before this event yesterday. This Universe is vast, expansive, with its own rhythm, its own LIFE force, and all of us, as humans (as living beings), need to tap into that, to feel it, move within it, and trust it. Be exactly what you feel in the deepest core of your being. Be your Self, be YOU. Thank you Universe, I have so much gratitude for being in the Path of Totality!

My husband and I have to become Total Solar Eclipse chasers! Why? So that we can always feel that, so that we don't ever wake up one day wondering why we didn't do all the things we wanted to do. And, when we lay down on that death bed that will come as surely as the sun rises and sets, that we do not have even one small regret. Yes, it's that big, and it's that important...

May my Disrupt Now program help wake as many souls up to this as possible! That is my mission in this lifetime...


SOURCE: http://www.ourgom.com/soul-retrieval-an-ancient-practise-to-heal-trauma/

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