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Podcast Ep. #21, Your Unique Story Helps You Understand Your Purpose

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"The greater part of human pain is unnecessary. It is self-created as long as the unobserved mind runs your life.” ~Eckhart Tolle​​

In Episode #21, Natalie has Special Guest, Dawn Fraser.

Dawn J. Fraser is a storyteller, educator and nationally acclaimed speaker based out of New York City. She is the Creator and Host of the storytelling show and podcast called ‘Barbershop Stories’, and is a Lead Instructor at The Moth.

Dawn and Natalie met when they were looking at building out their podcasts and getting more ingrained in the Brooklyn creative and arts community with Bric. They focus on talking about stories; everything we do day to day is focused on the stories we tell ourselves, and then how we operate in the world and what we tell others about who we are. How well do you communicate that? Are you open? Are you authentic?

Telling your proper story and understanding what your story means can help you uncover and define what your purpose is, so storytelling really is an imperative skill in life and in business.



If you don't tell your story, who will?!

Dawn J. Fraser is a storyteller, educator and nationally acclaimed speaker based out of New York City. She is the Host of the Barbershop Stories storytelling show and podcast, which features storytellers performing true tales in barbershops and salons. Dawn has created programs for college students, educators, and entrepreneurs to develop leadership potential through storytelling, and is an Instructor with The Moth and The Story Studio. She was featured amongst some of the nation’s top innovators and change makers as a speaker at TED@NYC and has performed in shows includingThe Moth Mainstage, Story Collider, RISK and The Unchained Tour. She loves being a twin, a Trinidadian, and tweetable @dawnjfraser.

From Dawn:

My take on storytelling and how it can disrupt the status quo is in terms of what it can do for your vision, goals, and purpose. The way that you think about the events of your personal experience can color the lens and strategy of your ultimate goals and future. If you can share a vision of hope, or positive change, with a group of people that you identify with, you have the power to influence change.

Being a storyteller was always an important part of my life, but I didn't quite recognize it until I was in my 30's. From family tales of life in Trinidad and Tobago to jobs like reading college application essays and community politics, being able to tell a good story was always an invaluable skill. However, when I was presented with the opportunity to teach high school youth in East New York, things started to change. I couldn't really teach others how to tell a good story without first setting an example. I started performing my own stories at shows around New York City, before deciding to produce and host a show that I felt was a reflection of my storytelling experience. Thus, Barbershop Stories was born, as well as a speaking career that focuses on leadership development through storytelling. I've also learned how to get this setup as a podcast, and am launching an online course to reach even more people and coach them to tell their stories. I never imagined I could make a living in this way - its truly a dream!


Email: dawnjfraser@gmail.com

Facebook: @dawnfraseronline
Twitter: @dawnjfraser
Instagram: @dawnfraser
Websites: www.dawnjfraser.com and www.barbershopstories.com  

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