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Marketing Challenges Happen, Folks!

By: Natalie Dold

Marketing challenges happen to every brand.
Don't think you're alone (and don't think you're not at risk either.)
Yoda Asks: Challenges Do You Have, Yes?!
Brand Responds: Yes. Damn.
It's OK. Many brands have them, and if they say they don't we can tell you they're most likely delusional. We did an interesting very short 2-question survey on the new Team Gu website where we asked visitors what their biggest marketing challenge is, and if their company has a "content-first" mindset. The answers weren't that shocking. Wasn't it in Princess Bride that it was said, "Life is pain, Your Highness, and anyone that tells you differently is selling you something."

That is truth alright. And, it's also true when it comes to marketing challenges. If a company says they don't have any, well, they're lying and probably selling you something.

After working with many brands of all shapes and sizes over the years, I have come to realize that there is always a common theme that threads itself into challenges marketers and other C-level/VP/Director-level leaders in a company have, and they're not saying anything that different from one another. When companies think they're having unique or are the only ones that have certain issues- think again. All companies are trying to weave their own creative and unique way through the world to gain the attention, respect and adoration of those they are targeting, so it's not odd that most have the same issues. Including Team Gu, that guy that owns that other company over there, and then that other one over there, and so on.

It's also not odd that the main challenges consistently are of the same essence really at the
core. Internal battles always lead the way.  Not so crazy to hear that is it? Think of your company right now. What's the very first thing that comes to mind?

Team Gu would love for you to take this same short survey, and the best part is that it only takes 30 seconds on average to complete (Typeform said so). It's within this section on the new Gu site: http://bit.ly/1PMS6mf

Let us help your team get things done. You can't fight with that time factor, and you can't expect your team to know and do everything 100% right all of the time. That's where a Gu kind of addition comes into play, and we can all get sticky in all-things-marketing together! No man, woman or brand swims alone in the shark tank while I am on watch.
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