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Is Being An Entrepreneur Right For You?

By: Natalie Viglione

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There are many things you have to contemplate and dig deep on in order to discover if being an entrepreneur is right for you. It is not for everyone and there are clear reasons why.

Here are some of my experiences and advice to help guide you, to help you get to that happy place where you know it's 100% the right thing to do for you!

Here's a video allowing me to share some thoughts with you, and explore a little bit more below in written format. Let's start an open, authentic conversation about what it takes to become an entrepreneur to help us all fuel growth and share tips and insights!

Becoming an entrepreneur is really easy, but becoming a successful entrepreneur, well, these are very different things. To become the successful entrepreneur, it requires a bit of a different approach. You initially need to tap into an internal force that helps you drive an idea forward and bring it to fruition. Success isn’t always monetary (and successful companies take quite a while to build as there are very few “unicorns”), and it all has to start with the concept and the ways that you can bring that concept to life. Today, it’s really easy for anyone to just up and start a business, but very few individuals have the stick-to-itiveness it takes to become a force behind an idea. And, even fewer have the ability to take the risks necessary to drive a business long enough to really make it work, to really get to that ultimate level you desire.

The top things you need to tap into is your drive, your mindfulness as to whether you’re willing to bypass the simplicity of just “having a job and steady paycheck” and exploring if you’re ready to take on an entrepreneur lifestyle. This lifestyle is a force all its own! You should ask yourself if you have the stick-to-itiveness to really push your business idea into the world and take the necessary time to really build it. Be ready to face rejection, face your own fears you didn’t know that you have, and be ready to face other elements that perhaps you haven’t yet.

The honest reality is that entrepreneurship is a roller coaster of feelings, of discovering who you truly are, and finding out your real strengths and the areas of opportunity where you can grow. Generally speaking, “business” skills can be learned and you can surround yourself with other brilliant people to help your idea become a reality, so it’s really understanding you, at the deepest core of who you are. If you’re willing to take risks to get to your desired vision, and if you’re willing to be the number one force that moves your idea/business forward, then you’ve already done some of the hard work as you’ve explored yourself which helps set you up for success.


My advice is to make sure you feel *it* in the fabric of you’re being, and then seriously meditate on it. And, make sure that you really understand that you are capable. Have the utmost in confidence that you’ll do exactly as you desire if you work smart and very, very hard. These are things that help you build that force within you to take the necessary risks, to forge forward, and trust that if you do the hard work and build your vision then you can 100% make it happen! Also, you should understand that you need to be extremely humble. You must not allow your ego to ever be the driving force within you; entrepreneurship has to come from a place of authenticity, passion, and honesty. If you're going after it to only make money, people see through that and will not latch onto you in the ways you need them to.

You must have the ability to really, truly, fully believe in what you’re doing, paint the beautiful picture of what you’re creating to others so you can clearly state WHY you’re creating it, as this is the guts of what people really tap into.

If you're starting a business and need some guidance, please email Natalie at natalie@teamgu.com as she can help coach you through your journey!

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