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Yes, That Makes Us Happy, Too!

Rekindling an Old Love of Ours 

Yes, TODAY is officially Ghostbusters Day appropriately hash tagged as #GhostbustersDay, and we're seriously rocked over here because we're big lovers of the original (who isn't?!)

(If you said no, don't let us know that.) 

The best part about the new flick is that everything got a little switched up this time around (30 years later!) Instead of a fantastically funny all male team, we now have a crew of amazingly funny (and super talented) women. There's even a male secretary that the female crew gets to "oogle" over. Nice. Female power is good to see weaving its way (even if slowly...very....slowly....)

The female cast decision was praised by Murray and Aykroyd. And, with 4 hilarious women at the helm, it's got to have some funny moments. But, it's more about reliving the love of the Ghostbusters (as a brand) in general.

Let's be real. Regardless of how people truly feel about the casting choices on this reboot, a female “Ghostbusters” team is really noteworthy no matter what. It definitely shows there is some girl power coming through, and that Hollywood has some faith in an all female cast. This was, of course, a famously all male movie franchise previously, and there's really no reason to believe that it can't be just as (if not more) successful as the predecessor.

We needed to share our love of the movie, #GhostbustersDay, and generally just can't wait to see it. 

We aren't movie critics, but we like to support all nerdisms, and sure that are lots of peoples just as excited as we are to see this flick, nerds or not.

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