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Episode #3: Guest, Susanne Cappendijk, Disrupting Education

Disrupting How Kids Can Gain STEM + Art Education

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Disrupting How Kids Can Gain STEM + Art Education... Empowering the Future of the STEM Workforce

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Dr. Susanne Cappendijk is a disruptor in the education sector. She’s a creative, visionary thinker, and a talented neuroscientist with in-depth expertise in pharmacology, is an entrepreneur, a consultant to innovative healthcare and life science commercialization projects, and a seasoned strategic financial leader for Genivia, Inc., a successful, private software company.

Her passion for science, education, and business has led her on a journey to create EDsnaps; a non-profit organization that utilizes her self-developed STEAM curricula (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) launching Summer 2017 in New York City. Her organization empowers high school students in underserved areas to build personal narratives, and provides them with unique opportunities to help them create their Holistic Review Profiles to help them apply to postsecondary STEM colleges, vocational or other career applications. Her ultimate vision is to power growth for the next generation of the STEM workforce and significantly increase the diversity in the STEM workforce by 2025.

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