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Episode #1: Guest, Florencia Fridman

The Wisdom & Disruption of Cacao & Transformation

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The Wisdom of Cacao & Transformation


Our first launch episode guest, Florencia Fridman, is a self-empowerment artist and cacao experience facilitator. She works with heart opening therapies involving ceremonial grade cacao, yoga, sound, conscious breathing, and holistic nutrition as the instruments for transformation. From a young age, Florencia has always been driven by the curiosity of what it takes to achieve a continuous state of physical, emotional, mental wellness and tranquility.

Raised with the idea that our external world, our physical reality is a result of our internal perspective has allowed her to understand that we can be in power of our circumstances. While spending some time in Guatemala diving into metaphysics and the knowledge of dreams, cacao (chocolate at its most pure form) came into her experience and transformed her approach to life. Learning the powerful physical benefits this plant offers along with its spiritual admiration was just the beginning.

She began her journey of exploration through research and working with the indigenous communities who embody the sacredness of cacao. During this process, she realized the potential this food also has in bringing to the collective world awareness of the importance of indigenous wisdom. We have the capability to impact the preservation of their traditions and sustainable development so these civilizations continue striving. From this realization, she made it her passion and mission in life to become the bridge between ancient traditions and our modern view. Florencia facilitates cacao ceremonies and is the founder of Cacao Lab, a conscious ceremonial grade cacao distribution company working with farms in MesoAmerica like Ecuador and Guatemala.

She understands that we must become the change we want to see in the world. On an individual level, Florencia aspires to enrich mental focus and creativity, optimal physical health, and emotional tranquility. Incorporating yoga and other ancient modalities to move past the limitations of the mind, reaching the highest potential of the self.

How to connect with Florencia!


Instagram: @veggieflow

Facebook is www.facebook.com/florencia.fridman

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