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Ep. 15, Disrupting How We Think About Gender Roles & Gender "Norms"

· Disrupt Now Program,Podcast Episode,Evolution

Challenging gender rules and what we've built as gender "norms" is limiting people’s potential with these old thoughts and rules that do not apply to the world we live in today.

Disrupting the way we think about gender norms can change the way this world functions. I am going to be blunt here – the way most people think about these gender roles and what gender “normal” is, these thoughts are outdated and frankly depressing. PEOPLE NEED TO EMPOWER anyone’s potential, not push them or shape them into things they are not.

Ideas about gender rules and gender norms shapes destiny, and it starts when we’re young. That’s when we are most susceptible to these views, as children. Today’s “woman” and “man” doesn’t need to fit into a predefined construct anymore. A “man” is not required to be the “alpha” anymore and the “woman” is not required to be the “order taker," or the secretary or just be a housewife. The truth is that culture and where an individual grows up (or lives in general) plays a major role in the way these ideas mold the person and help them formulate opinions in the brain and changes the behaviors of people.

And, yes, it’s true, we’re seeing things slowly change, but is it changing fast enough?

Listen to the full episode here:


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