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Disrupt Now Podcast: Ep. 31, Modern Slavery is Closer to You Than You Think

Creator & Host Natalie Viglione

· Disrupt Now Podcast,Podcast Episode,Event

This is the Disrupt Now Podcast Episode #31.Natalie Viglione is with Founder & President Carla Tweddale of Lily Pad Haven, Inc. a Charlotte, NC not-for-profit, as well as Peter Carey, Founder of FASHION D'LUX.

We're discussing important topics + a fundraiser coming up that all of us are bringing to life together on July 27, 2018!

We explore some heavy discussions on human rights and human trafficking. In this episode, Carla gives us an up close and personal view as to how her nonprofit in Charlotte, NC helps human trafficking survivors start a new life, and how human trafficking is closer to your doorstep than you think...

We also discuss my Disrupt Now agenda; that RIGHT NOW is the time that we all need to come together and put aside gender biases and other social discrimination traditions to just stop and fight for what's right!

Together we're #FightingforChange!

Watch the episode here:


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