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Disrupt Now Podcast Episode #17:

Guest, Denis Isbister

Host: Natalie Viglione

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Disrupting Your Life to Make Your Passion Your Actual Day Job

Natalie sits down with longtime friend and fellow entrepreneur, Denis Isbister. They go way back to childhood, and share something in common (and how they have kept in touch all these years); being insane enough to make their passions our day jobs and taking MAJOR risks to get there!

There is nothing easy about becoming an entrepreneur. From your friends and family thinking you're crazy, to downright being rude saying things like "why are you so different?" or "why would you do that?" It's a story that a lot of entrepreneurs can share. We all have the same feeling of risk-taking, being on emotional roller coasters, and always wondering if this is the right thing to do. But, when you trust your gut and take the leap and do whatever needs to be done to make it, well, you know you're a breed of human that is quite different than the masses and that's more than OK.

In episode #17, we talk about Denis' story and he shares his unique path to get where he is today. They have a candid conversation and want to share with others to speak freely about this entrepreneurial process. Please read more about Denis, and connect with him below (and make sure to tune into his show if you love fishing)!



Guest, Denis Isbister, is the host of the adventure travel/fishing show, Wild Fish Wild Places, on the World Fishing Network. After leaving the contracting world, he sold everything he owned to start a new concept for a fishing show. And now almost a decade later, Wild Fish Wild Places is one of the most popular and successful shows in the country!

How to watch: World Fishing Network / Airing weekly


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