• Hospitality Improvement Team

    Business Changeologists: Ones Who Enable Change To Help You Grow!

    Is your business operations, staff, and marketing activities set up for long-term growth?

    • Does your strategy align with your tactical operational, marketing and your website and other digital channels?
    • Are you poised for GROWTH and not only looking to next month?
    • How do you find new members of the team?  

    Does your physical and online presence align with your ultimate vision?

    • Does your online presence match your business' physical reality (and vice versa)?

    • Are you delivering on what you promise?

    • What’s your story? Are you communicating your business tale into the world properly?

    Are you taking advantage of digital technologies to fully maximize revenue from your online presence?

    • Does your ENTIRE online presence (your website + all your social channels) give potential customers the information they need?

    • Does your presence actually send you business?

    • Does your website increase desire for a visit?

    • Is your website communicating all that you have to offer?

  • Let the Hospitality Improvement Team (H.I.T.)

    take your restaurant/bar or

    other service-based enterprise to the next level.

    We Provide:

    • Business 
      • Strategic Planning | Coaching and Mentoring | Staff Training | Leadership Development
    • Operations and Management Support
      • Operational/Organizational Excellence | Opportunity Search | Turnaround Support | Mystery Diner | Cost Analyses | KPI’s | Menu Engineering | Best Practices | Customer Service | Business Coaching and Mentoring | Misc Admin such as Training Manuals, Job Descriptions, Employee Handbooks, etc.
    • Technology
      • Technology Integration | Design & Development
    • Marketing
      • ​​Content Marketing | Local Marketing | Boosting Review Opportunities | Media Outreach
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